Imperial Penthouse Ltd has over 20 year’s experience in property marketing. We pride ourselves on having a strong grounding, including running and owning construction companies that have built both high-end houses, small single units and blocks of flats. Through our construction background experience we have gained a thorough understanding of the planning process and this has enabled us to deliver a range of diverse, complex and demanding projects over the past ten years.


We are guided by quality and Imperial Penthouse Ltd aim to deliver apartments, Penthouses, Affordable Homes, new rooftop developments and all refurbishment work we undertake to a quality standard that far exceeds our client expectations and provides a better standard of living for all tenants and leaseholders who live there – and enhances the value for both landlords and leaseholders alike.


Our combined skills, construction, financial and estate agency experience, makes Imperial one of the most forward thinking property development companies in the London market. We re-develop existing buildings and construct new residential apartments on unused ‘airspace’ above residential, retail, public and commercial building rooftops – enhancing each building’s façade, improving the living conditions throughout and unlocking property values for owners at the same time.

Imperial Penthouse Ltd


Imperial began its journey to the forefront of Residential Property Development five years ago. We are proud of our track record and we remain privately owned, with impeccable standards and a strong financial foundation, which means we are able to progress and expand the business significantly and continue to set new benchmarks for quality. The city continues to inspire and excite us and has led to our portfolio of beautiful buildings and transformed environments. However, the rooftop market within London still has enormous potential and there is room for an additional 170,000 new homes across London in untapped airspace alone! Our vision remains unchanged in wanting to create quality homes that enrich the environments and lives of the tenants of the buildings we undertake – this is the driving force in everything we do and every new roof top we undertake.


Andrew is the owner and founder of Imperial Penthouse Ltd, he has been in property development for 20 years. Initially running a refurbishment company in Richmond Upon Thames dealing with houses and flats, he then successfully ran a development and construction company building small blocks of flats, house schemes and single multi-million-pound houses before setting up the Imperial Penthouse business.

Rooftop development is the future of housing across London and other European capitals. We do it better than most and we are forcing the pace to encourage landlords, leaseholders, planners and developers to recognise the benefits; to upgrade their buildings and make them better places to live, in doing so they will vastly improve the quality of life for all those tenants living in their property and of course make a penny or two! – I hope our website is of interest and I look forward to meeting all those that contact Imperial Penthouse Ltd for assistance, thank you
Andrew Lock

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