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Imperial Penthouse Ltd are experts in rooftop development and we are passionate about creating amazing living spaces that maximise the financial returns for our investment partners and the freeholders of the buildings we undertake. Every development requires a fresh, innovative approach to resolve a unique set of issues and realise the full potential of a building with minimum disruption to residents. With our experience and knowledge we are able to evaluate your site and maximise its potential.
Please do not hesitate to contact us – we would be delighted to help.


If you have any potential opportunities, whether it is a single freehold block or a selection of buildings, Imperial Penthouse Ltd are more than happy to provide you with a free, no obligation assessment of your site to review the feasibility of developing a new floor within the airspace above you building or the refurbishment of its common parts. We can also provide a significant capital sum to improve the common parts of your property at no additional cost – please call us for further details.

Email: or Telephone: 0203 302 2841

Rooftop Development – HOW IT WORKS


In the first instance we will arrange a face to face, no obligation meeting to get acquainted and understand your objectives and the particularities of your property. We then undertake a comprehensive viability assessment of the technical aspects of the property, such as structural integrity and detailed planning considerations, to provide you with an in-depth development proposal, outlining the anticipated size of the penthouses; sales values; estimated development programme; planning issues; proposed refurbishment works; total development costs and estimated profit. We will summarise our findings and discuss the options to meet your expectations and we will agree the communal works that might be required to upgrade the building overall.


Following a period of refinement and once we have agreed terms and have a contract in place, Imperial Penthouse Ltd will prepare drawings, complete the planning application and contact the town council to set the planning application in motion. We have an enviable track record in achieving planning permission for rooftop development and we have built relationships with the planning departments in many of the London and surrounding boroughs. We will coordinate and manage the application through planning and will attend any necessary site meetings with the planners that might be required to achieve a favourable outcome. Typically, planning applications may take several months to process and approve.


Each development we undertake has a dedicated ‘Resident Liaison’ to ensures all residents are fully happy and aware in advance of what is happening throughout the construction period and to avoid unnecessary discomfort, disruption or delay. Residents have regular communication from the liaison and are able to make their voice heard or escalate matters where necessary. Imperial Penthouse Ltd are very conscious and respectful that we are building on top of people’s homes and we go to great lengths to ensure the process is as painless as possible.


Our reputation as the contractors of choice when building luxury Penthouses, affordable rooftops or refurbishing the common part of a building is very important to us. There is a fine line between completing a development as quickly as possible with intrusive methodology and a large on-site workforce, compared to a methodical, considered, slow moving approach. Imperial Penthouse Ltd aim to be somewhere between the two; we ensure noise and disruption is kept down to a bare minimum and we complete the development carefully and swiftly, whilst being respectful to the residents.

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