100% affordable, now much closer

Imperial Penthouse and our partners are waiting for a decision on the first 100% affordable rooftop development scheme. Subject to approval, we look to have occupancy of the first units at the beginning of 2021. Imperial and our partners are looking to roll this model out to all 32 London boroughs.

Another exemplar performance

Knight Frank have achieved two sales in a month. A double knock-out for Josh, Josh and Benji – the guys worked so hard and are certainly experts in the area.

Last 2 at Hamilton Court

Knight Frank’s St John’s Wood office have taken on the final two units at Hamilton Court. We are looking forward to working with them to sell our two last spacious flats.

32 Borough potential

Imperial have been working closely with a few strategic partners on a new affordable solution to the housing market. The potential is to release hundreds of affordable units to each of the 32 boroughs each and every year.

Its all go at Mattock

The temporary roof is on and construction has started at Mattock Lane. The development team are working towards completion by the end of the year.

Ask the experts!

Imperial Penthouse are invited to look at ways to resolve housing issues in the capital. A new way of thinking is required that looks beyond big regeneration sites.

Good luck Joel

We say goodbye to Joel Krygier – a great estate agent and one of our Land Finders. We hope he will continue to introduce projects to Imperial Penthouse once he is settled in his new role.

Mattock is all set

Mattock Lane design team and recommencement condition completed, the site in now set up to commence!

Dressed and ready

One unit at Frognal has now been fully dressed, the new lift has been installed and the final decorations to the common parts are being finished – almost ready to go to market!

Frognal – All 8 complete

Frognal Court’s eight new penthouses are complete. The penthouses are located in the Frognal Estate, which has great views over London and over-look the tree canopies behind – so you don’t feel you are in the heart of it. The location is only 10 minutes to the West End and has all buyers needs in the immediate area.